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Cake and sponge mixes

It is proven that taste is not the only key attribute that makes consumers excited about cakes. It is also texture that is extremely important for consumers today, according to Taste Tomorrow. Certain cake textures can intensify the sensorial experience and make a cake more surprising, more indulgent.

Texture is the new taste for consumers

Our global consumer insights research, Taste Tomorrow, confirms the growing importance of texture. For consumers today, taste is more than just flavour. Texture is a key component of taste. Consumers pay as much attention to a special, delicious, appealing texture as they do to flavor.

There has not been a better time for food manufacturers and producers to experiment with cake textures. 

Our cake texture collection

We are excited to present our Cake Texture Collection, composed of 8* unique cake textures coming from all around the world, from dense textures like Pound and Cream to light textures like Castella and Chiffon. 

*Contact your local sales representative to discover the cake textures available in your market. 

Texture expertise

This Cake Texture Collection has been developed by our cake specialists using the latest and most innovative R&D technologies. 

Thanks to our bakery and patisserie expertise and consumers insights from all around the world, combined with a deep understanding of the role of each ingredient, as well as our latest enzyme technology, we have been able to create these unique textures. We can support our customers in finding the right texture for their cake solutions, adapted to local preferences. 

R&D Specialists

R&D Specialists

Sensory Panels

Sensory Panels

Technical Advisors

Technical Advisors

Cake texture language

We created a specific cake texture language based on the three pillars: R&D specialists, Sensory panels and Technical Advisors. Each pillar highlights specific features and descriptors that show the wide differentiation in cake texture profiles from our collection. 

Every patisserie creation has a story to tell

At Puratos, we believe that every patisserie creation has a story to tell. The starting point for us is that "Classic" recipe that stood the test of time. To enable our customers to shine a brand-new light on their sweet cakes and tell more inspiring stories to consumers, we also present Creative, Health & Well-Being and Sustainable versions of that Classic recipe by introducing unexpected texture combinations, sugar reduction, more fruits, making the recipes partially or 100% plant-based, as well as making them more sustainable. 

With our Cake Texture Collection, our customers can tell the story of Castella and Tres Leches and delight so many consumers: those that want to be surprised, those that are conscious of their health & well-being and consumers that prioritize sustainability. 

Discover more about our re-inventions & stories around the classics.


Endless possibilities


Ultimate cotton soft and fine

Angel Food

Lifts you up to heaven


When softness meets melting


Indulgence has never been so light

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