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Main texture characteristics

A cream cake texture could typically be described as a cake with a soft, moist and slightly chewy mouthfeel. 

Technical features

Puratos’ cream cake has good carrying properties and a good sliceability.


Satin stands for premium cake mixes to make cream cakes and moist cakes. For over 30 years, Satin has been helping bakers and patissiers to deliver the best quality cakes on the market. Satin cake mixes will enable you to innovate with  different tastes, textures and is completely in line with the recent Health & Well-Being trends.

Finished goods

The cream cake texture can be used to make a wide variety of cakes: loaf cakes, layer cakes, muffins, bund cakes, donuts and cookies.

Some history

In the late 1980s, people started to incorporate pudding into layer cakes. Originally, pudding cake was very moist and tender, but consumers preferred a firmer crumb and a more tolerant cake. They also wanted to avoid having to make two batters (pudding and cake). Consequently, developments began to take pudding cakes to the next level and were called cream cakes. Today cream cakes are cakes based on oil.

Product range includes

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Love Muffin

The Love Couple

Valentine's day recipe "The Love Couple" is made with strawberry filling and carat decoration

Raspberry Bliss

Raspberry Bliss

Raspberry Cake filled with Vivafil Raspberry and glazed with Harmony Neutre


Endless possibilities


Ultimate cotton soft and fine

Angel Food

Lifts you up to heaven


When softness meets melting


Indulgence has never been so light