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Main texture characteristics

The Chiffon cake can be described as a very light and extremely soft cake. It has a very melting mouthfeel.

Technical features

Puratos’ Chiffon cake has a flat surface. It also has good carrying properties, rollability and sliceability.

Finished goods

The Chiffon cake texture can be used to make bundt cakes, layer cakes and swiss rolls.

Some history

The recipe for Chiffon cake originates from a Californian insurance salesman who decided to become a baker. He managed to keep his recipe secret for 20 years.

The Chiffon cake is very popular in Asia where Pandan leaf juice is added to the recipe to give the cake a green colour. Here it goes under the name of Pandan Chiffon cake.

Product range includes

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Chiffon Cake

Chiffon Cake

Classic Chiffon Cake made with Tegral Chiffon

Agrumes Chiffon

Agrumes Chiffon

Agrumes Chiffon made with Topfil Agrumes and Passionata


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