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Main texture characteristics

The moist cake has a cohesive crumb structure. The mouthfeel of a moist cake can be described as extremely moist and melting.

Technical features

Puratos’ moist cake is known for having a flat surface which makes it perfect to use in layer cakes. It has good carrying properties and sliceability.

Finished goods

The moist cake texture can be used to make layer cakes, loaf cakes, cupcakes and even brownies. 


Satin stands for premium cake mixes to make cream cakes and moist cakes. For over 30 years, Satin has been helping bakers and patissiers to deliver the best quality cakes on the market. Satin cake mixes will enable you to innovate with tastes and textures and Health & Well-Being.

Some history

The moist cake is a variation of the cream cake with a less chewy and more melting texture. Famous worldwide, the moist cake is particularly popular and successful in North America.

Product range includes