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Looking for a plant-based butter alternative that is 100% butterlike, 100% additive free and up to 3x more sustainable? Look no further!

MIMETIC is Puratos’ best plant-based butter alternative. It is a unique, plant-based specialty fat allowing chefs to create deliciously tasting bakery and patisserie goods with the same melting experience as butter but much easier to work with and more cost efficient than butter. To replace butter AND to upgrade margarine made products (1-1 replacement). It results from years of R&D and bakers’ expertise and know-how.

Better environmental impact of Mimetic versus dairy butter

Puratos has conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to determine the environmental impact Mimetic compared to the impact of dairy butter. Using the ‘Product Environmental Footprint’ methodology, which is adopted and supported by the European Union, data was gathered from the entire value chain of Mimetic – from raw material until end of life – and assessed over diverse environmental impact categories including: climate change, water scarcity, land use, and numerous other aspects, covering all the main impacts of human activity on the planet.

This PEF method allows a score to be calculated that is expressed in micro points, making it possible to objectively compare the impact made by products within the same category.

The results of the LCA show that Mimetic’s environmental impact is almost 3 times lower than that of dairy butter. 

Main contributing factors to Mimetic’s  better performance are lower CO2  and methane emissions (climate change), land use per kilogram of product as well as water usage.

Product description

  • It is a specialty fat providing an indulgent buttery sensation
  • 100% plant-based
  • 100% additive free
  • Superior quality of end-products (croissants, danishes, puff pastries, cakes, soft dough, cookies, short crust)
  • Convenience: ease of use, great workability, excellent plasticity, cost efficient
  • Approved for industrial lines (1-on-1 replacement in recipe) and in artisanal method
  • Works in direct, frozen and long shelf life processes
  • In line with consumer needs (taste, freshness and health)
  • Allows nutritional and sustainable claims on packaging, incl. plant-based claims

If up to 40% of a recipe is fat, choosing the right fat for your creations is key. Mimetic is a unique combination of carefully selected ingredients (vegetable oil and sourdough) and a lot of formulation know-how.

It is available in sheet format as well as in industrial formats.

Health & Well-Being
Clean(er) label
Non-hydrogenated fat
No additives
No preservatives
Dairy Free
No soy
Butter Free

"Laminated baked goods made with MIMETIC keep fresh longer on the shelf – validated by an export sensory panel on four different freshness parameters versus two alternative lamination fats."

Customer advantages
  • Top quality bakery and patisserie end-products with butter sensation
  • Prolongs the freshness of baked goods
  • Convenience: ease of use, great workability, excellent plasticity
  • Cost reduction vs. butter
  • Works in direct and frozen processes
  • Approved on industrial lines and in long shelf life
  • Allows nutritional and sustainable claims on packaging
  • 1-on-1 replacement of regular fat
  • Storage conditions (4-20°C) are more flexible vs. butter
Consumer advantages
  • Delicious intense taste
  • Excellent melting experience
  • A perfect short, moist and crispy bite
  • Prolonged freshness sensation

The MIMETIC product range includes

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