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Tiramisu Croissant

2 Feb 2023




Dough ingredients


Coffee syrup


White: take out 425 g of dough 2 min before the end and mix with 2 g white colorant. 

Brown: after taking out 425 g 2min before the end for the white dough, add 40 g of cocoa powder and 20 gr of water in the big dough.

Working Method



Make up

Before Baking

Brush with Sunset Glaze


After Baking

Glaze with coffee syrup. Slice open and place a thin layer of milk chocolate at the bottom. Pipe some mascarpone cream and close the croissant. Pipe some dots of mascarpone cream and dust with cocoa powder. Add a pipette of 1 ml with coffee syrup.

Did you know...

Battles are still being waged about the date and place of birth of Tiramisù! It has been attributed to Sienna (reputedly created for Duke Cosimo III) and Turin, but also to the 1960s invention of patissier Roberto “Loly” Linguanotto in Treviso, with its name coming from the Veneto dialect “tiramesù” (pick-me-up’). However, a recent book claims it was created by two communes in the Friuli region. Happily, there’s no dispute about this delicious creation from Puratos! Source: