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Pain D'Epices Cadeau Cake

2 Aug 2022



  • Pain d’epices Sugar Reduced batter 
  • Decoration 
  • Velvet spray



Pain d'epices Sugar Reduced Batter

Pain D'Epices Sugar Reduced batter


Mix all ingredients but the sesame seeds for 4 min. on slow speed with a whisk. 

Grease a mold and sprinkle the sesame seeds in it. Pipe the batter in the mold and bake. (Big 230 g/ small 100 g). 

Bake for 45 min. in a deck type oven. Top and bottom temperature 160°C. Closed damper. 

Tip: include the sugar reduced mix and honey



Create a chocolate bow in the Belcolade Noir Selection Sugar Reduced Chocolate and place in the freezer. 

Big bow plastic > 7 cm x 6pc Small bow plastic > 5 cm x 14pc

Velvet Spray


Heat both ingredients till 38°C. When the chocolate is around -5°C, spray the bow with the chocolate. Let set.



Place the chocolate bow on top of the cake.


Pain D'Epices Blanche

Pain D'Epices Blanche

White cake base made with Pain D'Epices

Pain D'épices Classic

Pain D'épices Classic

Pain D’épices Classic made with Patis Pain D'Epice

Pain D'Epices Plant-Based

Pain D'Epices Plant-Based

Plant Based batter made with Pain D'Epices

Creative Panettone

Panettone Cake

Panettone Cake made with Belcolade Selection Amber

Panettone Caramel Apricot

Panettone Caramel Apricot

Panettone with caramel cream and apricot made with Tegral Dolcinote and Passionata

Panettone Classico

Panettone Classico

Panettone Classico made with Tegral Dolcinote

Panettone Sustainable Cacao-Trace

Panettone Sustainable Cacao-Trace

Panettone made with Belcolade Selection Cacao-Trace