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Every Gâteau Basque has a story to tell

We know from our Taste Tomorrow survey that today's consumers have high expectations when it comes to patisserie. They want to discover exciting textures and flavors, but they are looking for authenticity too. Consumers around the world are increasingly interested in the stories behind their favorite patisserie, yet they also want to understand how the food they eat impacts their health and the planet.

We believe that reinventing patisserie is crucial to meeting these changing demands. We would like to collaborate with you in crafting traditional patisserie that captures the hearts and tastes of people worldwide. From there, we can innovate to create patisserie that is even better by introducing more healthier and more sustainable options. Everyone benefits, including our planet!

At Puratos, we are passionate about telling the stories behind patisserie around the world and we would love to help you create your own stories too; stories that will surprise and delight your customers as well as growing your business. So let's get started and work together to make the patisserie of the future. We are excited to partner with you on this journey. You may like to begin by reading some stories about the Gâteau Basque.

The story behind the classic

Originally confined to the province of Labourd and Lower Navarre in France, the Gâteau Basque (or Basque Cake) was originally reserved for Sunday meals, special occasions and particularly weddings. The Gâteau Basque is a sweet family dessert, deeply attached to the ‘etxe’, or home in the Basque language. Each mistress of the house (‘etxe andrea’) would have her own recipe, which would then be handed down, orally and by example, to her daughters. During the 19th century, Napoleon III and his wife, the Empress Eugenie, made frequent visits to Cambo during excursions from Biarritz, and these also helped to establish the reputation of the Gâteau Basque.

From the mid-twentieth century onwards, the production and marketing of the Gâteau Basque benefited from the growth of tourism in France and the dessert eventually became emblematic for the entire Basque region.

So important is the cake that a Basque Cake Museum has been created. The museum opened its doors in 2003, in the picturesque village of Sare, located at the foot of the Rhune mountain, some fifteen kilometers south-east of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

At Puratos, all our ingredients are always close to the original taste of the classical recipe and allow consumers all around the world to enjoy its delicious taste while giving you extra peace of mind.

The creative story

We're always on the lookout for innovative and exciting ways to elevate famous patisserie classics and we now have the perfect way to give your Gâteau Basque a brand-new twist! Instead of a multiportion cake, we have transformed the Gâteau Basque into individual tartelettes with a unique shape.

But we didn't stop there. We wanted to add an extra layer of flavor to the tartelette and so, we wondered, why not try combining the delicious taste of cherries with the nuttiness of pistachios? It's a combination that's sure to impress and give your patisserie a fresh and exciting taste.

We have also added a Diplomate cream. Using this cream, you will achieve a lighter texture, but one that is still full of flavor. A perfect way to impress your customers, with a refined new take on classic French patisserie. Your customers will be sure to notice the difference!

The health & well-being story

Are you looking to reinvent the classic Gâteau Basque with a healthier option? We've got a simple and delicious solution that your customers will love.

By increasing the amount of cherries with Topfil Finest Cherry 70%, you'll create a dessert that's both exceptionally fruity and healthier. This version of the Gâteau Basque offers the perfect balance between a sweet and natural fruit taste.

With this simple combination, you can create a healthier version of the classic Gâteau Basque without sacrificing any of the flavor. Your customers will appreciate the effort you've made to make a dessert that is both delicious and good for them.

This healthier version of the Gâteau Basque is a perfect example of how a simple change can have a big impact. Why not try it out and see how your customers respond? We're sure they'll be delighted with the result! 

The sustainable story

Today's consumers are looking for products that are not only good for their health but also good for the planet. This is why we are really excited about introducing a new version of the Gâteau Basque that is 100% plant-based.

This new version of the classic Gâteau Basque is not only more sustainable, it also offers a great taste experience. We believe that by using plant-based ingredients, we can create patisserie that is just as delicious as the original, whilst also having a reduced impact on the planet.

To create this recipe, we used Cremyvit Plant-Based to make a plant-based custard cream. We also used plant-based Mimetic Incorporation, which is a high-quality margarine, to make a plant-based short crust. This new version of the Gâteau Basque is just one example of how we're working to create a more sustainable future. Discover our full plant-based range here

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