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Belcolade Cryst-o-fil

Belcolade Cryst-o-fil is a soft real chocolate preparation with great taste and stability. Made with 50% Belcolade chocolate, non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and milk fat, Cryst-o-fil helps chocolatiers around the world create a wide range of delicious fillings.

Product description

  • A soft chocolate preparation made with more than 50% Belcolade
  • Improves the texture and shelflife of traditional fillings
  • Liquid and crispy ingredients can be added for new tastes & textures

Cryst-o-fil is a unique soft chocolate preparation with an extremely stable texture. Containing more than 50% Belcolade real chocolate, it has all the real chocolate taste but also extends the shelf life of your final application.

Cryst-o-fil is a very versatile filling that can be used in a wide variety of applications including extrusion, enrobing, one-shot depositing, single-nozzle depositing, spreading into frames, piping by hand, and cutting with guitar cutter. Available in dark, milk and white, Cryst-o-fil easily incorporates a wide variety of flavours and ingredients.

Health & Well-Being
Customer advantages
  • Extremely versatile for creating new textures and forms
  • Suitable with new technologies
  • Easy to incorporate all types of ingredients
  • Saves time in production
  • Made with RSPO SG

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