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Tikul, supplier of Noma’s pop-up restaurant in Tulum, Mexico

22 May 2017

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What could René Redzepi be doing at Tikul, our cocoa plantation in Mexico?

Our plantation arouses the keenest interest. Recently, René Redzepi, famous Danish chef and co-owner of the two-Michelin star restaurant Noma, visited the plantation.

In Tulum, Mexico, he is currently running his third-ever pop up restaurant, which will close on May 28th.

Some of the ingredients he uses to cook his renowned dishes come from the plantation, among which the cocoa pods he uses for his cocktail.

Tikul, a biodiversity haven

As part of our dedication to preserving the heritage of cocoa and chocolate, Puratos purchased, in 2008, 140 hectares of cultivable land in Tikul, in the state of Yucatan, Mexico.
A designated cocoa plantation has been established to safeguard cocoa diversity by growing 100.000 Criollo trees, one of the oldest, rarest and finest cocoa varieties on the planet.
What makes this cocoa very special is its white beans which are low in polyphenol. During the fermentation process, sweet aromas are developed and result in an exceptionally good chocolate.
The project also provides a safe and stable working environment for local communities with workers offered the chance to train in post-harvest methods that will allow them to prepare a good fermented cocoa.

Future development

The plantation allows us to help the local people by ensuring that the plantation and Ecomuseum contribute both directly and indirectly to employment and that we guarantee a safe working environment.
All around the world, be it in Mexico, Ivory coast or Vietnam, we believe in collaborating directly with the farmers and contributing to the regions in which we operate.
Such an approach allows us to face the reality of each country and to act upon it, to provide the best working relationships and follow our corporate philosophy.
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