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Plant-Based brioche: 55% lower impact on the environment

12 Apr 2023


Plant-based is one of the biggest and fastest-growing trends in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industry. Moreover, it’s a huge global trend in the food industry overall. Between 2018 and 2021, the number of consumers purchasing plant-based food weekly almost doubled. Based on our Taste Tomorrow consumer research, 60% of consumers believe plant-based food has a positive impact on the environment. People buy plant-based products for reasons mainly related to animal welfare, health and sustainability. 

No compromise on taste and texture

Although people strive for a better planet, they are not willing to compromise on taste & texture when choosing plant-based foods. This is why Puratos has developed a range of indulgent plant-based ingredients that can help bakers, patissiers and food manufacturers meet consumer demands. The plant-based brioche is a perfect sweet bakery item to integrate into your product offer. Did you know that the plant-based brioche has twice lower environmental footprint versus the classic brioche produced with animal-based ingredients such as butter and eggs? 

Discover the Easy Soft’r Plant-Based Bakery Mix

Our latest Easy Soft’r Plant-Based Bakery Mix improves the product environmental footprint of your baked goods with no compromise on softness and freshness. With egg replacement & Puraslim technology in the mix, bakers and food manufacturers no longer need to use eggs and butter to be able to offer consumers an indulgent brioche.

Thanks to the Puraslim technology in this bakery mix, you can lower your environmental footprint and let consumers enjoy a rich and delicious brioche products in a more responsible way. Added bonus: due to lower fat content, plant-based brioche made with Easy Soft’r mix benefits from the improved health credentials.

  • The Easy Soft’r Plant-based is a concentrated bakery mix that's packed with benefits! Whether you're creating plant-based treats or traditional baked goods, our versatile mix has got you covered.
  • One of the key advantages of Easy Soft'r Plant-Based is its cost efficiency. With the equivalent of 10% egg and fat in each mix, you'll save money while still achieving delicious results.
  • We also know from our global Taste Tomorrow research that consumers are more conscious about what they eat, they read the packaging information carefully. The good news is that our Easy Soft’r Plant-based Bakery Mix is a Clean(er) Label solution with Puratos’s unique enzymes One of the enzymes was found in the hot springs of Yellowstone National Park; it’s, active at a higher temperature. This enzyme, present in the mix, gives a better short bite without compromising on volume or resilience. Another enzyme (Intens Soft & Fine), inspired by the Hunan Forest, is also in the mix. It improves initial softness and fineness to the crumb, in a clean(er) label way.  

At Puratos, we're committed to sustainability, and Easy Soft'r Plant-Based is a great choice for reducing your environmental impact. For even more sustainable options, try combining our mix with other Puratos’s plant-based products like Mimetic and Sunset Glaze. Discover our range of plat-based solutions here. 


Get inspired by sweet and savory recipes

Sweet : Plant-based brioche with chocolate chips

Indulgent and plant-based? Yes, it’s possible! Thanks to the Easy Soft’r Plant-Based Clean Label mix and Belcolade Cacao-Trace chocolate chips, this brioche recipe allows consumers to contribute to a better planet while treating themselves. A little extra, the braided shape makes the brioche even more attractive! It will definitely stand out on-shelf. 

Savory : Plant-Based Brioche Burger bun

Puratos understands that discerning consumers demand high-quality ingredients in their burgers. To help businesses stay ahead of the curve, we recommend using brioche buns to elevate the burger experience. Made with the finest ingredients and crafted to perfection, brioche buns provide a soft, buttery texture that perfectly complements the flavorful toppings. With its versatility and luxurious taste, a brioche bun can be used to create both classic and creative burger combinations. Let Puratos help you create delicious and premium burgers that will keep your customers coming back for more. Discover this plant-based burger recipe with a soft and tasty brioche bun made from Easy Soft'r Plant-Based Clean Label, and an original Asian-inspired topping, based on jackfruit!