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9 Jun 2021


This recipe is part of the Belcolade Live Demo, a series of webinars during which our Belcolade Chocolate Experts do not only share a recipe from A to Z but also answer live questions from participants.  Click here to know more about the upcoming Belcolade Live Demos and how to register.

Composition (4 entremets)

  1. Chocolate brownie Soufflé
  2. Mango Strawberry compote
  3. Yuzu white chocolate mousse
  4. Dark chocolate mousse
  5. White chocolate glaze

1.Chocolate brownie soufflé


Melt and heat the butter, together with the chocolate until 40°C. Whip the whole eggs together with the sugar and the invert sugar. Mix both mixtures together and incorporate the sifted flour and salt with a spatula. Whip the egg whites together with the honey and add it to previous mixture. Pour in a baking circle of 13,5 cm diameter 140g of the brownie mixture and sprinkle 30g of roasted almond and some icing sugar on each brownie before baking. Bake at 170°C for 20 minutes and leave to cool down.

Leave to cool down

2.Mango Strawberry compôte


Cut the dried mango into medium small pieces and rehydrate for 1h with the passionfruit juice. After add the strawberries cutted into pieces. Start to warm this composition. Meanwhile mix the sugar and the pectine and add it to the fruit mixture. Cook the whole thing too 101°C. mix the gelatine powder with the water. Add the gelatine mass to the warm mango compote.

Put the baked brownie soufflé in a clean circle of 13,5 cm diameter and put a Rhodoïde ribbon on the side of 4 cm high and put 150g of the Mango Strawberry compote on each one of them. Store in the freezer at -18°C.

3. Yuzu white chocolate mousse


Semi whip the 200 g cream and put aside. Soak the gelatine in cold water.

Boil the fresh cream and heat up the yuzu juice separately. Pour the cream on the chocolate and make a ganache, than add the warm yuzu juice. After add the soaked gelatine. When the composition reaches 32°C incorporate the whipped Cream.

Put 120 g of the yuzu white chocolate mousse in each circle of 16 cm diameter and 4 cm high.

4. Dark Chocolate Mousse


Whip and heat water, sugar and egg yolks till 85°C together. Pour this mixture in a whipping machine and whip it further to obtain a light mousse of 35°C. Melt the Belcolade Selection Noir Supreme Cacao-Trace till 45°C and add 110 gr of fresh cream and mix to a ganache. Semi-whip the fresh cream together with the cinnamon. Add gently the “Pate à Bombe” with a spatula and finally incorporate the semi-whipped fresh cream.

5.White chocolate glaze


Boil together the milk and the glucose. Pour onto the white chocolate Blanc Extra. Mix and add the melted gelatine mass. Add the Miroir neutral and mix with an immersion blender. Leave the glaze to cool down overnight at room temperature. Reheat and use at 38°C.