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Belcolade Live Demos

Dear customer,

In today’s difficult times, Belcolade & Puratos are even more aware of the challenges customers face and are committed to supporting them in the best way possible. With this view in mind, we have developed a series of live demos. With tremendous dedication, an innovative way of thinking and plenty of positive energy, our Chocolate Experts will share their knowledge and help you get the most striking results with our chocolate. From highly artistic, to bold and innovative, to traditional and authentic recipes.

Join our live sessions directly from the Belcolade Chocolate Center in Belgium, a truly international training venue where professionals from around the world exchange ideas, tips and best practices.


  • 1h session on specific recipe or technique in patisserie and chocolate
  • ZOOM meetings 
  • Language: English/french 
  • Q&A at the end of each session 
  • Attendees cannot see who else is present 

How can you attend?

  1. For the session you want to follow: register by clicking on the link and filling in your name & mail address. Only use a professional e-mail address, so not hotmail or gmail for example. 
  2. After approval, you will receive an e-mail from the organizer with the details. Save this and put in your agenda to join the webinar. 

For any question, contact your Puratos representative.

Overview of the upcoming Belcolade Live Demos

Tripple Hopy

Made with Belcolade Origins Lait Vanuatu.
Focus: Texture and taste combination: beer and chocolate, chocolate decoration technique.
Speaker: Michel Eyckerman.
Language: English.
Passcode: SQqEvj$1

Mocha Tartlet

Made with Belcolade Origins Noir Vietnam Cacao-Trace.
Focus: French-style patisserie, texture and taste, chocolate decoration technique.
Speaker: Stephane Leroux.
Language: French.

Blueberry Brownie

Made with Belcolade Origins Noir Papua New Guinea Cacao-Trace.
Focus: More healthy patisserie with organic ingredients, chocolate decoration technique.
Speaker: Jeffrey de Weyer.
Language: English.

Sugar Reduced Raspberry Ganache & Coffee Tablet

Made with Belcolade Selection Sugar reduced Cacao-Trace.
Focus: How to balance the recipe using sugar reduced chocolate and reach the SR claim.
Speaker: Stef Aerts.
Language: English.

El Tomillo

Made with Belcolade Origins Noir Peru.
Focus: Fresh herbs and fruits combination, chocolate decoration technique.
Speaker: Michel Eyckerman.
Language: English.

Meet Belcolade chocolate Experts.

Stephane Leroux

Stephane Leroux has always had a sweet tooth. From age six he knew he wanted to be a pâtissier, following in the footsteps of his uncle and grandmother. Now, after 37 years in the patisserie and chocolate business, his passion for pastry and chocolate has evolved into a passion for teaching. On behalf of Belcolade he now spreads his knowledge all over the world. Stephane has devoted a lot of his time to competing in various high-end competitions. As a result, he has now the prestigious title Un des Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Michel Eyckerman

As Chocolate Expert Michel Eyckerman is a true allrounder. As supervisor of the Belcolade Chocolate Center, he knows his way around chocolate. Whether we’re talking pralines, chocolate decorations, patisserie or semi-industrial chocolate making, his 23 years of experience in patisserie shine through in every area. Michel biggest tip? “Remain curious and keep experimenting with ingredients, textures, combinations. The sky is the limit!” 

Stef Aerts

Stef Aerts is undeniable the top expert when it comes to technical knowledge about chocolate and producing chocolate-based finished goods on an industrial scale. “My love for the chocolate profession grew when I got hooked by the quality of the Belcolade products and the people working there. And that passion never stopped growing.” Stef’s knowledge of the technical potential for chocolate enables clients not only to ask advice about products, but to also discuss packaging, transport options and behavioral characteristics of chocolate.

Jeffrey de Weyer

Jeffrey started at age 21 as a junior advisor at Belcolade and now travels all over the world to show customers the newest innovations in the field of chocolate. “Being able to teach customers and colleagues all over the world is really rewarding. The personal interaction with people who care for chocolate so much gives me a real adrenaline rush”, says Jeffrey. His specialty is in the area, sugar reduction, panning, chocolate pralines and decorations.

Contact our chocolate center.