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Cameroon Wild Chocolate Bar

31 May 2022


This recipe is part of the Belcolade Live Demo, a series of webinars during which our Belcolade Chocolate Experts do not only share a recipe from A to Z but also answer live questions from participants.  Click here to know more about the upcoming Belcolade Live Demos and how to register.


This application is made using 2 recipes: 

  1. Pink Peppercorn Praliné
  2. Kaffir Lime Ganache

1. Pink Peppercorn Praliné


Mix all ingredients together by using a stone mill. Temper the praline until a temperature of 24°C.

Pour into a frame of 36x27 with a thickness of 6mm and let crystalize for a couple of minutes in a fridge of 4°C.

Remove to a fridge of 15°C. 

2. Kaffir Lime Ganache


Heat up the cream, invert sugar and kaffir lime until 85 °C. Pour on top of it the Belcolade Origins Lait Cameroon 45 Cacao-Trace.

Mix with a hand mixer to obtain a homogeneous and fluid ganache. When the mix reaches 35-38 °C add the butter and mix again.

Put the chocolate ganache on top of the pink peppercorn praliné in a frame of 36x27cm with a thickness of 6mm and let set overnight in a fridge of 15°C with an average humidity level below 60%.