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Apple fruit fillings: More apples, less of the rest

31 Aug 2020

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Consumers are looking for more naturalness and authenticity. Fruit fillings are one of the best conveyors of these needs. Over the years; Puratos has built expertise in every step of the value chain. Let’s investigate how, by working from field to fork,  fruit fillings will help to reinvent indulgence with tastier and healthier products while bringing you convenience and performance.

Naturalness first

Naturalness is put first throughout the entire process. It is a long journey before an apple is ready to be processed as a fruit filling in a sweet good. From tree to bakery, or in other words: from field to fork. This process and Puratos’ focus on naturalness starts with the selection of the apples.

There are multiple varieties of apples and each of them has a specific flavor and sensorial properties.  Selecting the best variety is key as it will influence the  taste and influence how suitable it is for processing.  

In Europe Puratos uses Jonagold apples, a variety to which fewer sweeteners need to be added thanks to its natural sweetness.
In Canada, fresh Granny smith apples are processed in house, harvested  straight from Washington state.

All apples are carefully inspected upon delivery to ensure the taste and colour are compliant as well as the sugar and acidic composition. These measurements are of crucial importance. In some cases, the recipe will need to be adjusted for each harvest

Local production and purchase

Puratos consciously opts for local production, near local customers and consumers. We operate more sustainably on account of the short distances between sourcing, production and the customer. Thanks to regional sourcing and processing we can also adapt the flavour profile to the demands of local consumers. Additionally, local specialties can also be rolled out worldwide A good example of this is our Topfil Apple “Tarte Tatin” reference which was created based on the  traditional French  tarte tatin recipe.

More Fruit, Less of the rest

Puratos invest in the latest technologies to maximally preserve the texture, the taste and the naturalness of the fruits.. Heating and cooling cycle times have been significantly reduced thanks to innovative line design and state-of-the art implementation and usage.

This combines an unreached restitution of the freshness of the fruits all throughout the shelf-life of the product. With up to 90% apples and only 20,5g sugars/ 100g, we aim to maximize the fruit content while reducing sugars and additives.
We mix everything as gently as possible to retain the natural texture of the fruit. In this way we aim to guarantee that the filling remains as natural as possible in everything we do.
Thanks to our aseptic capabilities, we are also able to provide our customers with preservative-free fruit fillings.

We can also adapt our fruit fillings to our customers’ demands, depending on the desired end product. If the fruit filling is intended for a Danish pastry or croissant, you will need a high baking stability.

However, if it is used in a cake, the ingredients must contribute to the product’s shelf life. The texture of the filling can also be adapted to the customer’s wishes: coarser pieces of fruit for a natural fruit filling, or completely smooth if the customer wishes to inject the filling.

Creating the most indulgent & healthy sweet goods

Relying on the 100 year expertise of Puratos in the bakery industry, our fruit fillings are designed to combine optimal performance with maximal fruit content in patisserie, pastry and chilled desserts. For this reason Puratos Fruit Fillings are the solution for our customers in quest for more natural food while making their life easier!

Would you like more information about our Topfil and Vivafil fruit fillings? Don’t hesitate to contact your Puratos representative with the form below or read more about our Fruit Fillings here.

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