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Fruit Fillings

Consumers love fruit!

In recent years, fruit has become one of the top global flavors. Next to this, our Taste Tomorrow research tells us that more than half of the people look for healthier foods, and many of them like to choose fruity options. Also, almost two-thirds of people want to know where and how their food is made. This shows that people care more about knowing where their food comes from. Overall, fruit fillings are a good choice because they fit perfectly with these trends.


Our commitment to quality and the quest for the best fruit varieties is at the very core of our fruit filling production process. We maintain close partnerships with fruit farmers across the globe, sharing our expertise and insights to ensure that the fruits used in our products are grown sustainably and sourced with full transparency. Our focus extends beyond just producing outstanding fillings; it's about creating value across the entire supply chain, from the dedicated farmers who cultivate the fruits to your end customer who enjoy our delicious fruit fillings. For more insights into our field to fork approach and offerings, please click here.

Performance is key

In the world of bakery and patisserie, performance is key. Our fruit fillings are crafted to meet the highest standards of bake stability and water activity. Whether you're creating patisserie or sweet breads and danishes, you can trust Puratos to deliver fillings that not only enhance the taste but also perform perfectly in your creations. 

Health and well-being

And last but not lest, health and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. We recognize the growing demand for healthier options, and we're committed to providing fruit fillings that are rich in natural flavors while reducing additives and sugars. Our aim is to strike the perfect balance between taste and nutrition, offering you more of the goodness of fruits and less of the unnecessary.

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Topfil finest

Newest generation of fruit fillings that are providing the sensation of enjoying freshly picked fruit and are full clean label.


Fruit fillings with a delicious taste of nature.


Highly performing fruit fillings with exceptional bake stability and/or to use in long shelf life finished goods.


Discover Puratos fruit fillings, as well as popular chocolate filling and nut and cream fillings to suit your applications and processes.

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