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PatisFrance Pralicrac

Pralicrac, a unique irresistible crispy texture

Our Pralicrac range brings you to a whole new level of sensory experience thanks to its unique crispy texture. These nut fillings are made with praliné and some delicious crunchy inclusions for a texture as greedy as surprising ! They are designed with our special expertise in processing nuts and are based on our knowledge of French Patisserie, providing products which are a real source of inspiration and creativity for patissiers and chocolatiers.

Add a touch of excellence to all your creations

  • Unique great taste and texture
  • Nuts are rigorously selected from almond trees or hazelnut trees

The PatisFrance Pralicrac range consists of almond or hazelnut praliné combined with special inclusions to give a unique and greedy texture. Pralicrac are made in France, in our factory in the Vosges region, thus benefiting of all our expertise on dried fruits and on French patisserie.

The range covers a lot of different flavors, from milk chocolate to raspberry and even salted butter caramel, to give all patissiers and chocolatiers endless creativity for their creations.

Customer advantages
  • Ready and easy-to-use product
  • Easy to slice
  • Unlimited use in chocolate-making & patisserie creations
  • A large range of flavors to meet all desires
  • A wide range of applications: bases of deserts and logs, biscuits, garnishing for chocolate bonbons…
Consumer advantages
  • Unique and distinctive texture, bringing consumers on a multi-sensorial experience
  • Recipes with unique & superior tastes
  • Free from palm-oil

PatisFrance Pralicrac include

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