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Fighting the virus together

Like us, we know you may have concerns about the coronavirus.

At Puratos, the health and safety of both our customers and our employees is of utmost importance. 
Here is a central location  where we share what we are doing to ensure our collective good health, business continuity as well as  tips to face this situation, together.  

Everyone’s life has changed significantly.
Leading us to rethink society and business.
Forcing us to change our ways of working.
Let’s continue to build the future together.
More than ever you can rely on us.

The information contained in these articles reflects the best of our knowledge and will be updated accordingly. 

Our latest articles

China: Consumers expectations for Bakery in the ‘new normal’

Chinese consumers were first to discover the post-lockdown life, which is why, end April, Puratos investigated how the needs for bakery items has evolved in China.

Sourdough is on the rise

The number of Google searches related to bread and sourdough has shot up, and the trends report suggests there’s been a 5-fold increase in search for the term "sourdough" since early March.

How to make and pack cakes to stay fresh longer

We have gathered some tips and tricks to help you give a longer shelf life to your cakes.

Post-lockdown health & safety guidelines

Based on the internal Safety & Hygiene manual developed at Puratos, here is some inspiration from a global perspective.

Good nutrition, the corner stone of a well-nourished immune system

Today, more than ever before, the first wealth is health. In the current circumstances, people around the world have become rapidly more health-conscious.

Retail: lessons learnt amid corona crisis

Considering their role in helping communities to stay stocked up on essential goods, retailers’ ability to quickly adapt to this new reality was of vital importance.

Live webinars for Artisans around the world

In order to inspire you to develop new products that answer the latest consumer needs, our subsidiaries are organizing Puratos lives on Social Media

Bakery and Patisserie Webinar Series

In order to inspire you to develop new products that answer the latest consumer needs, we organize Puratos webinar series.

A balancing act: 4 healthy and tasty lunch time recipes from Puratos’ Chef Sébastien

Our chef shares 4 of his favourite healthy lunch time recipes to create, bake, cook and eat.

Fighting the virus together with Cacao-Trace farmers in Ivory Coast

The stories of Béatrice, Adama and Yoplo, and all 1602 members of the Cacao-Trace farmer community in Ivory Coast, help us to better understand the impact of the crisis.

Meet your customers needs: Breads to bake at home

Offer your customers the opportunity to eat freshly baked baguettes at home without having to come to your store every day.

How to play the long game

A crisis like this differentiates the winners from the losers according to Steven van Belleghem. Discover how to play the long game

How to make and pack breads for longer freshness

We have gathered some tips and tricks to help you give a longer shelf life to your breads

Mutual aid erupts across Puratos subsidiaries

Puratos communities across the world are helping the most vulnerable people during this crisis.

Stay in touch with your customers: a quick start to social media

Social media enables you to reach out online and maintain engagement outside of your physical store location. This article hands you five practical guidelines to get you going.

Polarization in times of quarantine: which way will the consumer’s behaviour go?

The phenomenon of polarization, the division into two sharply contrasting groups, is boosted in times of crisis, be it on a financial or political level. The same is valid for the current corona crisis.

Adapted practices in response to covid-19: retail and fast-food chains

This article collects a number of interesting examples that illustrate how Food retailers and fast-food chains are adapting their business and communication.

Toolkit for your store

Create a safe environment in your bakery and ensure social distancing

Developing consumer behaviour during corona crisis: implications on food businesses

Nielsen identifies six consumer behaviour threshold levels that help the food industry react to the rapidly developing consumer needs and expectations.

Health and Well-Being habits in times of confinement

Here is a list of habits to Keep, Improve and Stop: they will help us to look after ourselves and each other during these challenging times.

How bakers, patissiers, and chocolatiers adapt business amid covid-19 crisis

How are bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers responding to covid-19? This article offers you a handful of worldwide examples.

How to adapt your bakery's services

Find a handful of aspects you can take into consideration to continues business while facing covid-19.

Enter the world of online ordering and contribute to social distancing with Bakeronline

As we know setting-up a webshop can be a challenge by itself and requires time, we want to offer our help.

Making hygiene your bakery's priority

In order to help you fight and contain the coronavirus, we have gathered some precautionary measures you can take.

How Puratos is Helping to Contain the Virus

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting all of us on a global scale. In order to safeguard the health- and well-being of our employees, customers, consumers and their families, we will do everything we can to help contain the virus.