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Mimosa Cake: An Italian classic to celebrate mothers and women all around the world

17 Oct 2023

Mother's Day is an occasion dedicated to honoring and appreciating the remarkable women who have played pivotal roles in our lives. This special day calls for a celebration that expresses love, gratitude, and admiration towards all mothers. 

While there are numerous ways to make this day memorable, one delightful and relevant treat that perfectly captures the essence of celebration is the Mimosa Cake, a well-known classic in Italy that has an interesting story to tell. Combining refreshing flavors, the Mimosa Cake not only tantalizes the taste buds but also symbolizes the joy, elegance, and cherished moments shared with our beloved mothers. 

So, let us delight our mothers with this exquisite treat, as we celebrate their remarkable presence on this special day and every day.

The story behind the classic

The invention of the Mimosa Cake is strongly linked to Mother’s Day, as we consider Mothers to be strong and important women for everyone around the globe. As from 1946, International Women’s Day became a worldwide tradition that also gained popularity in Italy.

It was from this celebration that men in Italy were expected to offer women yellow mimosa flowers as a gesture of support. The idea was to propose a flower which celebrated rebirth and for it to be given by children to their mothers, by boys to their girlfriends and by husbands to their wives.

It was from this custom that the recipe for the Mimosa Cake was developed to add a touch of indulgence to this day. A delicious sponge cake, made with Tegral Biscuit, and a rich pineapple flavored diplomat cream, made with Passionata, Puratos has created the very best classic that proved to be a perfect way to put all mothers in the spotlight.

The creative story

Always seeking ways to redefine classic desserts, we used the beloved Italian Mimosa Cake, a delicate patisserie treat known for its light sponge layers and citrus infused cream, and the love for the incredible women in our lives as inspiration for this creative reinvention. 

To mimic the closeness and tenderness of a mother’s touch, the sponge cake was replaced by layers of Castella cake known for its fluffy, honey-kissed texture. 

In the layering process, the creative reinvention of the Mimosa cake is a mix of shiny and matte surfaces such as Miroir Glassage Chocolate Blanc and Belcolade Selection Blanc to reflect on the old and new ways that a mother loves and takes care of her family. Using Classic Mango, the cake brings a surprising element to the table, just like many mothers have done before. 

This creative version of the classic Mimosa cake will surprise many customers and elevate their Mother’s Day celebration to a whole new level.

The Health & Well-Being Story

Did you know that even during the most festive celebrations, customers can still indulge in their favorite patisserie creations without compromising on their health? 

This healthier version of the classic Mimosa cake is inspired by the care that mother’s and women all over the world have always expressed toward the people that they love. Time to repay the favor by letting them enjoy this delicious creation with more fruit and an improved Nutri-Score. 

Working with single portions in multi-portion format, the goal of this cake is to share it with loved ones. By adding Topfil Pineapple and using PatisFrance Starfruit Ananas for the filling, there is more fruit in the cake, making it a sweet treat to enjoy!

Your customers will love this healthier version of the classic Mimosa cake and will want to share it with the entire family!

The sustainable story

As you know, the classic Mimosa Cake was based on the custom where men offered the women in their lives a bouquet of yellow mimosa flowers. With this in mind, we wanted to create a fully plant-based version of this classic, to honor and preserve the nature that has inspired us to create this delicious cake. 

Even during festive moments, such as Mother’s Day, consumers are aware of the impact that the food they eat has on the planet. So what better way than to offer them a cake that lets them enjoy the festivities guilt-free? 

With ingredients like Tegral Satin Creme Cake Plant Based, Cremyvit Classic Plant Based, Ambiante and Belcolade Selection White Plant-Based Cacao-Trace, you will have what it takes to create a delicious recipe that answers to your customer’s needs when looking to be more mindful and sustainable.