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Recipe: Triple Chocolate Eclair

12 Jan 2018



Choux paste

  • 1500 g of Water 
  • 1000 g of Tegral Clara Super* (Choux mix) 
  • 100 g of Oil 
  • 50 g of Belcolade Cocoa Powder*

Chocolate cream

  • 1000 g of Water 
  • 375 g of Cremyvit Classic* (Custard cream) 
  • 275 g of Belcolade Dark Selection* (Real Belgian Chocolate)

Filling & Decoration

  • Q.S. Belgian Chocolate Fondant* (Glaze)
  • Q.S. Carat Coverlux Dark* (Compound chocolate) 

*Puratos product

Working Method

Choux paste

  1. Warm up the water between 50 to 60°C.
  2. Mix all ingredients together medium speed for 5 min., using a paddle.
  3. Pipe an éclair shape.
  4. Bake at 160°C for the first 5 min. with closed damper then open damper for 30 to 45 min. depending on the size.

Tip: For an even richer taste, replace 600gr of water by 500gr of milk and 100gr of extra oil.

Chocolate cream

  1. Mix the Cremyvit Classic and water together with a whisk for 3 min.
  2. Let the cream rest for 5 min. before adding the Belcolade Dark Selection melted at 40 to 45°C and mix until it becomes a homogenous cream.

Filling & Decoration

  1. Fill the éclair with the chocolate cream, glaze with the Puratos Belgian Chocolate Fondant Industry.
  2. Spread on an acetate some Carat Coverlux Dark and cut the leaves shape before it set.
  3. Add some pieces of chocolate decoration.