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Puraslim helps you improve the production efficiency

18 Dec 2017

Bakery mixes
Ready-to-use solution

In-store Bakery

In today's competitive environment, retailers need to differentiate to attract shoppers and increase their loyalty.
Fresh categories in general, and fresh bakery more specifically, play an increasingly important role to build store image and drive traffic. By baking bread in store, the bakery category excels in freshness and quality which is highly appreciated by shoppers.

But baking every day a full assortment of bread in store also bring several challenges.

  • Production planning to offer fresh breads from store opening to closing
  • Offering a broad product range while keeping the production simple 
  • The need for skilled bakers
  • Guaranteeing the same quality every day, in all stores 

Case study : Tegral Brioche

Typical French brioche offers consumers a true moment of indulgence… if it’s baked correctly.

This finished good is famous as difficult to produce. With Tegral Brioche, producing high quality French brioche is much easier: the mix contains almost all ingredients, including butter.

Only water, yeast and optionally eggs have to be added. The same mix also offers an array of delicious soft & sweet breads to provide your customers a diverse range.

Discover how Puraslim improves the production efficiency

Watch the video in a browser other than Internet explorer to discover in a 360° clip how Puraslim improves the production efficiency.

Skip to 1'29'' for the explanation on how Puraslim can offer a more efficient and convenient way for producing bread!

Puraslim: a different look at bread

Puraslim is an innovative range of bread mixes and improvers that allows baking soft and sweet bread.
With Puraslim mixes, no fat needs to be added on top of the mix. Only water, yeast and possibly flour need to be added.
This simplifies and facilitates the production process and reduces the need for skilled labour. Puraslim also increases the cost-efficiency while keeping breads outstandingly tasty and fresh. Moreover, bread made with Puraslim has fewer calories and less fat.