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Oak Sugar Reduced

4 Oct 2021


This recipe is part of the Belcolade Live Demo, a series of webinars during which our Belcolade Chocolate Experts do not only share a recipe from A to Z but also answer live questions from participants.  Click here to know more about the upcoming Belcolade Live Demos and how to register.


  1. Moulding
  2. Rosemary Caramel
  3.  Chestnut Ganache
  4. Oak Decoration


Temper the chocolate and mould a pre-sprayed mould.

Leave to crystalize. 3g/piece CW1867 

2. Rosemary caramel


Infuse the cream with the fresh rosemary. Make a caramel with the sugar and the glucose. Heat up the cream and butter and add to the caramel step by step. Add the salt and allow to cool down. Fill the mould with the caramel filling. 3g caramel/piece

3. Chestnut ganache


Heat up the fresh chestnut puree together with the glucose and sorbitol to 80°C. Pour onto the Belcolade Selection Lait Sugar Reduced Cacao-Trace chocolate drops and mix with a mixer. When the ganache reaches 35°C add the cold butter and mix again.

Pipe the ganache on top of the caramel and leave to crystallize for 12 hours at 16°C with a relative humidity below 60%

Close after crystallization with tempered sugar reduced chocolate and demould after a few minutes. 6g ganache/piece