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King's Crown

8 Dec 2016


On January 6th, the celebration of Epiphany or 3 King's day takes place in many countries around the world that follow Christian traditions. This event is often accompanied with a special celebration cake so here is the recipe of our King's crown!


  • 1000 g of Tegral Brioche Moelleuse 
  • 450 g of Water (±) 
  • 30 g of Fresh yeast 
  • 30 g of Classic Lemon 
  • 30 g of Classic Orange 
  • 10 g of Rhum 44% 

For a total dough of 1550g

Working method

  1. Mix during 4 min. at slow speed then 7 to 8 min. at fast speed
  2. Dough temperature at 25°C
  3. Bulk fermentation of 15 min.
  4. Scale : 300 g
  5. Intermediate proof of 15 min.
  6. Make up the dough to shape a crown
  7. Final fermentation of ± 90 min. at 26°C, 85% RH.
  8. Before baking, glaze with Sunset Glaze and sprinkle with pearl sugar
  9. Check the oven temperature is at 170°C
  10. Bake for 35 min.

After baking, decorate with candied fruits and/ or whole almonds.

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