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Easy Easter recipe: bunny donut

11 Mar 2017

Compound Chocolate



  • 1000 g Tegral Continental Yeast Raised Donut
  • 480 g of Water
  • 40 g of Fresh yeast

Working method:

  1. Mix all donut ingredients in a spiral mixer for 3 minutes at slow speed and approximately 7 minutes at high speed.
  2. Keep the dough temperature at 27°C.
  3. Give it a bulk fermentation for 10 minutes.
  4. Roll out the dough at 4 mm, then cut donuts of 15 g.
  5. Give the dough a final fermentation of approximately 40 minutes at 30°C with 60% relative humidity.
  6. Fry for 1 minute with a fryer at 180°C.



  • Q.S. of Carat Coverlux White
  • Q.S. of Carat Decorcrem White

Working method:

  1. Melt both Carat Coverlux White and Carat Decorcrem White at 35-40°C.
  2. Dip the top surface of the donut into a 50/50 mixture of Carat Coverlux Whiteand Carat Decorcrem White.



  • Q.S.of Carat Coverlux White
  • Q.S. of Carat Coverlux Dark 

Working method:

  1. For the eyes: pipe a white dot with Carat Coverlux White and then a dark point in the center with Carat Coverlux Dark.
  2. For the ears: spread a thin layer of Carat Coverlux White on a paper, and then cut 2 ears per donut with an oval cookie cutter.

Carat offers a range of great-tasting compound coatings as well as a variety of delicious fillings based on cocoa and nuts. 

Ready to try for yourself?