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Cuberdon & Raspberry Croissant Hybrid Recipe

2 Feb 2023

Sunset Glaze

Did you know...


Dough Ingredients

  • Flour  1000g 
  • Water ± 440g  
  • Salt 20g  
  • Sugar 80g  
  • Yeast 50g  
  • Purple colorant 8g  
  • Sapore Carmen 50g
  • Mimetic Incorporation 50g
  • S500 CL 15g  
  • Mimetic Lamination 500g


Raspberry cremeux

  • Starfruit Raspberry
  • Eggs 100g
  • Egg yolks 150g 
  • Sugar 100g 
  • 4 leaves of gelatin 
  • Butter 150g 
  • Add some cuberdon chunks before pipping 100g

Cuberdon glaze

  • Cuberdon syrup 100g 
  • Sugar 50g 
  • Water 75g


Purple: Keep aside 25% of the dough non-laminated to place on top before rolling out and laminate the 75% remaining

Working method


  • Mixing spiral: 4 min. slow speed - 4 min. fast speed
  • Dough temperature: 18°C
  • Freezing: 30 min. at -20°C
  • Lamination: 2 double folds on main dough
  • Cooling: 30 min. at 4°C

Make up

Make up:

  1. Place the small dough on top then roll out at 2 mm. 
  2. Cut triangles of 17 x 6,5 cm, roll into croissants (20g). 
  3. Cut the croissant in half by the middle and place on a tray with the tip facing up. 

Final fermentation: 120 min. at 28°C/85% in round silpat moulds.

Before baking

Brush with Sunset Glaze


Oven temperature: 210°C in deck oven with initial steam

Baking time: 14 min

After baking

Glaze with cuberdon glaze. Fill from the top with raspberry crémeux. Top with a pipette of 1 ml filled with cuberdon glaze.

Recipe for Crazy Croissant Cuberdon

Raspberry-flavoured Cuberdons are one of Belgium’s most iconic sweets. We have taken the flavour and instantly recognisable shape of the Cuberdon, said to have been inspired by monk’s hats, and turned them into an equally iconic and totally irresistible raspberry flavoured croissant!