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Cherry Brownie

4 Nov 2016


Truly delicious Cheery brownies. Perfect for any time of the day.


Working Method

This recipe provides 4 trays of 20 by 30 cm (4cm high). 

Process Steps :


  1. Mix the Tegral Satin Cream Cake Moist Dark, eggs, oil and water for 4min. 30 sec  
  2. After 4 min. 30 sec, add the nuts and Vivafil and mix for 30 sec 


  1. First layer: pipe 450 gr of batter
  2. Second layer: pipe 200 gr of Vivafil cherry in lines.
  3. Third layer: pipe 500 gr of batter 

Finish with round lines of Vivafil  cherry (80 gr).


  1. Bake at 180°C for 40 min. (closed damper).
  2. Cool down in the freezer.
  3. Cut 6 by 6 cm.
  4. Store well packed.