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Bubbles & Berries


Discover a new palette with Miroir Glassage Fruits Rouges.  The latest addition to the Miroir family offers the same premium quality, full coverage glossy shine that you would expect from Miroir Glassage. 

The mesmerizing and natural colour of red fruits, gives your mousses this fresh and high gloss shine that lasts, and seduces consumers to experience your creation. Miroir Glassage Fruits Rouges is free from artificial flavours and artificial colours (NAFNAC) and plant-based, suited for all your vegan creations. 

To seek inspiration, refer to the recipe below!

  1. Almond biscuit
  2. Champagne mousse
  3. Cherry Raspberry compote 
  4. Glaze

Almond Biscuit



Mix the egg, yolk, Amandes Brutes Rapees, icing sugar, butter and flour together, with a paddle.  Whip the egg white and sugar till it forms a firm texture. Incorporate the egg white in the first mixture. Spread it out in a 20-30 cm frame and bake for 25minutes at 180°C. When it's out of the oven, cut the sides of the frame.  

Once it's cold, cut it out along the interiors of the frame and keep it aside.  

Champagne mousse



Reduce 1 bottle of champagne on medium heat until 75 gr is what remains. Add the second bottle of champagne and make a custard cream with the CPT and sugar (1). Whip the yolks and sugar (2) until it forms a fluffy texture. Add the warm custard and melted gelatin to the egg mixture. When this mass is 40°C, add the half-whipped cream and Chantypak. 

Pipe 250 gr in the Silikomart PLW01 mold and place the interieur in it. Freeze

Cherry Raspberry compote



Heat the Starfruit and add the pre-soaked gelatin. Add the Topfil and mix it well. Divide 115 gr of the mixture on each piece of biscuit and freeze.  




Heat the Miroir Glassage Fruits Rouges till 40-45°C. Glaze the frozen mousse with it. Decorate as you prefer. 


Ready to use high-quality glazes, Miroir makes bavarois and mousses both shiny and attractive.