To support the successful growth of foodservice activities, we offer customers a bundle of highly-integrated services, including extensive research into the latest consumer trends and attitudes found in quick-service restaurants and coffee chains. Armed with this information, foodservice companies, in close collaboration with Puratos, are well-positioned to create brand new concepts for baked goods, as well as patisserie and chocolate finished goods.

Extra goodness

By collaborating with our teams of nutritionists and technical advisors, customers can be confident that the recipes they create will contain all the nutritional value they need.

Beyond the creation of finished goods, we also support customers in achieving cost-effective operational efficiency, either with easy-to-use in-store solutions or by outsourcing to third-party industrial manufacturers.

If you are interested in discovering how Puratos can support your foodservice business, please visit our Contacts page and get in touch with your local Puratos representative.



Products for foodservice customers

Sunset Glaze

Sunset Glaze is an egg-wash alternative. It delivers outstanding shine and colour and avoids all the problems you might have using real eggs.

Cremfil Ultim

Your customers will love this irresistible range of nut and chocolate fillings that preserves the freshness of soft baked patisserie and bakery goods.


Vivafil is a range of fruit fillings that fills the gaps in your finished applications, staying right where you want it, regardless of production process.


Splendid cream can be stored at any temperature between 10 and 35°C. Splendid is ready for use and doesn’t need to be cooled before usage.


A range of premium cake mixes, perfect for innovating with tastes and textures.


Passionata is a non-dairy topping that tastes like an equal mix of dairy and non-dairy cream.


Our range of high-quality glazes, Miroir makes bavarois and mousses both shiny and attractive.


Harmony is our range of high-quality glazes for traditional patisserie - the perfect shiny finish for fruit pies, cakes and puff pastries.


For nearly 100 years, we have been helping hundreds of thousands of artisans like you to grow the business. We share your passion for the trade and thanks to our global presence, we are close to you and your daily activities.


Puratos develops exclusive programmes with some of the world’s leading supermarkets.


Customer satisfaction and consistent quality, as well as optimal performance in the industrial production process are key to your business success. To help you capitalise on your market potential, we deliver great ideas, high-quality ingredients and services tailored...