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Why is the Belcolade chocolate so good ?

Belgian chocolate is known for its fineness and incredible texture and taste. Belgian chocolate is made unique by the selection of its ingredients and the traditional production process used to create it.

The delicious taste of Belcolade, the Real Belgian Chocolate, begins with the careful selection of ingredients. Only the finest quality cocoa beans from around the world are selected and expertly blended. The Belcolade team of experts ensures that only the best quality cocoa mass, cocoa butter and other ingredients are used. Naturally, they only use 100% cocoa butter and 100% natural vanilla. Refining or grinding takes place in two steps. First, all the cocoa particles are ground until they are of the same size (150 microns). Next, the chocolate is made even finer (around 20 microns) to ensure its smooth, creamy texture. It is now so fine that it is beyond the sensitivity level of the human tongue. After grinding, the chocolate is conched (see ‘What is conching?’) to ensure a perfectly even texture. Any remaining moisture and unwished volatile aromas are evaporated during this stage. The desired flavour components are created through the close contact of sugar, milk powder and cocoa mass. This is a crucial step in creating the typical taste of Belcolade chocolate.