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Tres Leches Creative

6 Oct 2022



Pastel Tres Leches Cake

Mix all ingredients with a whisk for 1 minute add low speed increase the speed to medium for 4 minutes. Fill a square of 30/40 with the 1,8 kg preparation.

  • Time: 35'
  • Oven Type: Deck 
  • Top Temperature: 160°
  • Bottom Temperature: 160°
  • Closed 

Tres Leches Coffee For Soaking

Mix these ingredients and whip till aerated texture and firm to be used for piping.

Chocolate Cone

Temper the chocolate. Spread out a this layer on a plastic sheet of 12 cm wide and 20cm long. Cut the chocolate 5cm long and roll over a tube of 5-6cm dia and let set.


Cut 5-6cm dia rond shape of 2cm hight of the tres leche cake and put them in the tube of chocolate. Soak with the same weight of Coffee, put some whipped coffee cream on top, put again a layer of cake and soak with coffee. Finish with the whipped coffee cream.