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Tres Leches Classic

6 Oct 2022



Pastel Tres Leches Cake

Mix all ingredients with a whisk for 1 minute add low speed increase the speed to medium for 4 minutes. Fill a square of 30/40 with the 1,8 kg preparation.

  • Time: 35'
  • Oven Type: Deck
  • Top Temperature: 150°
  • Bottom Temperature: 150°
  • Closed

Double tray for baking

Tres Leches For Soaking

Heat up the Dulcerio till 45°C and poor onto the Tres Leches cake. Let set the cake for 1 day in the fridge. 

Soak the baked cake with the double of the weight of Dulcerio. Be aware to close the frame well when starting to soak it( byusing aluminum foil).

Whipped Topping

Whip the Passionata till ferm texture.


Cover the soaked cake with the whipped cream, cut the required shape.

Nutritional value per 100 g