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Tarte Citron Meringuée

Recipe : Tarte Citron Meringuée - France


Short Crust

Lemon Pie

Swiss Meringue


Working Method:

Short Crust

  1. Mixing - Mix all ingredients to homogeneous dough. Laminate to 2,5 mm.
  2. Baking - Bake at 180°c for 12-14mm, damper open.

Lemon Pie

  1. Fill - Once the short crusts cooled down, after baking, put a layer of Deli Lemon Pie.
  2. Baking - Bake again for approx. 5 min at 180°C to make the Deli Lemon Pie set. Make the build up.

Swiss Meringue

  1. Mixing - Warm up both ingredients together on the stove or over a double boiler to 60-70°C. Pour into a mixing bowl mixer with a whisk, and whip it to a stiff peak.
  2. Baking-Pipe little dots and bake at 80°C for 2 hours.


  1. Decor - On the last layer of Short Crust and Deli Lemon Pie; finish with Miroir l’Original Neutre and the Swiss Meringue.


Mimetic is a new generation of specialty fat for incorporation providing real butter sensation.

  • Plant-based premium quality end-product
  • Excellent melting behavior and intense taste
  • Ease of use like margarine, incl. ambient storage
  • Cost reduction vs butter

Deli Lemon Pie

  • Deli is a top-quality range of rich cream filling preparations that make good baking taste great. Each filling follows an authentic and timeless recipe and is created only using the finest ingredients
  • Deli Lemon Pie is ready to use the base to create authentic Lemon Pies.
    It is made with eggs, butter, and a lot of fresh lemon juice for a fresh taste and a creamy texture! Easy to use, you only have to add it on top of your shortcrust and bake it for 15-20 min à 170°C.

Miroir l’Original Neutre

Miroir l'Original is a cold glaze designed to cover flat horizontal surfaces.

  • It gives a perfect gloss and a real Miroir effect
  • It has a smooth texture and creamy mouth feel
  • It is Easy to use (RTU ) with a perfect result on the finished good
  • Giving a consistent great shine, ease of use and amazing flexibility

Market insights & consumer trends

Tarte au citron is in the top three most popular desserts in France.
This Lemon Pie Mille-Feuille revisits the classic, and offer a great alternative for single portions.

Shelf life: Few days.

RSP & margin%: To check by country

Freezable: Yes

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