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7 Dec 2021



  1. Apple Compote
  2. Coconut Creamy
  3. Cinnamon Mousse
  4. Muesli Crunch
  5. Extra Blanc glaze

Apple Compote


Mix all ingredients together. Put in a silicon demi-sphere 5cm. Put in the freezer.

Coconut Creamy


Heat the puree to 45°C.

Add pectin and sugar. Cook until 103°C. Add egg white when the composition is around 70°C. Reheat to a temperature of max. 75°C. Add the gelatin. (water+gelatin powder) Finally add the butter to this mass (36°C) and mix until you obtain a nice emulsion. Leave overnight at 4°C and mix again. Put in on top of the apple compote demi-sphere 5cm.

Cinnamon Mousse


Semi whip the 500 g cream and put. Soak the gelatine in cold water.

Infuse the Cinnamon in the cream and boil.

Re boil, sieve and pour on the Belcolade Selection Extra Blanc Cacao-Trace.

Add the soaked gelatine.

When the Ganache reaches 35°C incorporate the whipped Cream.

Muesli Crunch


Mix the muesli and the Belcolade PPP Cacao Butter.

 Add tempered Belcolade Selection Blanc Extra Cacao-Trace.

 Put in small rings with a diameter of 8cm.