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Recipe Puravita Sprouted Grains

Are you curious as how you can bake delicious craft breads full of grains & seeds and with a nice waxy crumb? Discover the recipe for rustic-style breads with Puravita Sprouted Grains! We included many tips from out pro Puravita baker Wouter Temmerman!

Recipe Puravita Sprouted Grains


Working Methods:

1. Give the dough an autolyze: mix Puravita Sprouted Grains, the flour and 55% of the water for 3 min. on first speed. Then let it rest for 30 min. at room temperature.

2. Add the salt and yeast to the recipe. Mix for 10 min. in first speed and 5 min. in second speed. Add the remaining 20% of water in the last 3 min. of mixing.

3. Dough temperature has to be +/- 26°C. This is very important.

4. After mixing, let the dough bulk proof for 1h at room temperature. Give it a fold after 30 min.,  which will give more strength to your dough.

5. Scaling: For a great rustic-look, scale 1050 g and round up the dough. Pro-tip: Use large wooden molds dusted with rye flour.

6. Intermediate proofing: Let the dough rise for another 30 min. at room temperature.

7. Give the breads their final shape: round or long, then turn them upside down (with the closing side up).

8. Final fermentation: proof the breads overnight for about 16 hours at a temperature of 14°C.

Pro tip: The next day, check if the breads are well proofed! Make sure that the breads proofed just above the wooden molds. If not, let them rest for another 1h at room temperature until they are proofed just above the molds.

9. Baking: First you turn your doughs around on the oven loader, and decorate by scoring them with a sharp knife.

10. Oven temperature: 250°C with steam then directly let your oven fall down to 200°C.

11. Baking time: 1h10  (due to the high water level). Open your damper the last 10-15 min. of baking.