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Olive & mixed herbs baguettes

31 Jul 2015


Looking to bring new flavours to your baguettes? Add some olives and mixed herbs to give your baguettes the perfect summery taste combining a slightly bitter taste and a blend of fragrant, fresh, and herbal flavors.

For this recipe, the olive mix can be made with green, black or any type of olives you find on the market. If you wish to create baguettes with others flavours, different spices can be used. Designing your own blend will allow you to personalise your recipes and offer a wider range to your customers. 

Dust the cloths with a mixture of semolina wheat and wheat flour (50/50)



  • 950 g / 95% of Wheat flour
  • 50 g / 5% of Rye flour
  • 700 g / 70% of Water
  • 40 g / 4% of O-tentic Durum
  • 20 g / 2 % of Salt
  • 360 g / 36 %  of Olive mix
    • 350 g olives 
    • 10 g of mixed herbs 

Working method

Mixing spiral:

  1. 8 min. slow, 4 min. fast
  2. Cut the olives and incorporate together with the “herbes de provence” at the end of the second mixing time

Dough temperature: 

26 - 28°C

Bulk fermentation:

30 min.


350 g and hand up into a slightly elongated shape (10 cm)

Intermediate proof:

20 min.


Long (40 cm) place with seam facing upwards on linen cloths

Final fermentation:

45 min. at 26 - 28°C and 80% RH

Decoration before baking:

Make 1 or 2 cuts

Oven temperature °C: 

  1. 240°C, decrease to 230°C
  2. Give initial steam

Baking time 

  1. 23 min. 
  2. open damper prior to the end of the baking time 

Use the juice of the olive to enhance a more intens flavour.

O-tentic is a unique active bakery component that gives you the creative freedom to make breads with outstanding, authentic taste and texture – without the need for long fermentation times. 

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