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20 Aug 2015


An original and tasty on-the-go cake with a blend of flavours associating vanilla and raisins topped with smoked salty almonds. A perfect match for consumers interested in combining both convenience and portability while allowing them a tasty treat.


  • 500 g of Tegral Satin Cream Cake 
  • 110 g of water 
  • 175 g of whole eggs 
  • 150 g of Soft butter 
  • Q.S Patisfrance rhum 
  • 80 g of Chopped dry Malaga raisins 
  • 1 piece vanilla pod 
  • Smoked salty almond slices

Working method

  1. Hydrate the raisins in the rum overnight.
  2. Drain the raisins.
  3. Mix Tegral Satin Cream Cake, water, eggs and soft butter for 3 min using the paddle.
  4. At the end, add the drained raisins.
  5. Pipe ¾ in a rectangular slicon mould 4 x 56 cm and bake at 180°C with a tray on top for +/- 20 mins, close damper in deck oven.
  6. After baking, allow it to cool down, and freeze it.
  7. Demould and immediately cut portions 10 cm in length. 
  8. Stick each portion on a liquorice stick and dip in the Decorcrem Dark 520, melted at 35°C.
  9. Sprinkle smoked salty almond slices on top.

A very wide variety of inclusion decorations is possible with Carat Decorcrem as it stays creamy and is stable! Looking to get more information on our compound chocolate range? Visit our website or contact your local Puratos representative.