Donut Swirl

31 May 2017

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Donut Swirl



  • Tegral Continental Yeast Raised Donut 1000 g
  • Water 480 g
  • Fresh yeast 40 g


  • Belcolade K 10 Noir Selection Q.S.


  • Carat Coverlux White Q.S.
  • Carat Decorcrem White Q.S.
  • Speculoos crumbs Q.S.

Working Method

1. Mix all donut ingredients in a spiral mixer for 3 minutes. at slow speed and approximately 7 minutes at high speed.
2. Keep the dough temperature at 27°C. 
3. Let rest for 20 minutes at -20°C. Roll out the dough at 2 mm with a width of 20 cm.
4. Spread melted Belcolade K 10 Noir Selection at 35°C over the dough and roll it up.
5. Cut swirls of approximately 25 g.
6. Give the dough a final fermentation of approximately 40 minutes at 30°C with 60% relative humidity.
7. Fry for 1 minute on both sides with a fryer at 180°C.
8. Dip the top surface of the donut in a 50/50 mixture of Carat Coverlux White and Carat Decorcrem White.
9. Sprinkle with speculoos crumbs and stick a skewer through the donut.

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