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Chocolate pencils

23 Aug 2015


Going back to school is around the corner. Here's a recipe to put your young customers under the spotlight and provide them with a creative and delicious colourful chocolate treat!


  • Belcolade Noir Selection or Lait Selection
  • PatisFrance Gianduja
  • Coloured cocoa butter (decoration)

Working method

  1. At 30°C spray crayon molds with cocoa butter coloured in red, yellow and blue before letting the set crystallise
  2. After crystallisation of the cocoa butter, mold them with temperedBelcolade Noir or Lait Selection.
  3. After crystallisation of the chocolate, mold the crayons with gianduja tempered at 26°C and close before gianduja has completed its crystallisation.
  4. After approximately 2 hours of crystallisation, unmold at 16°C 

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