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Chiffon Cake

Recipe : Green Chiffon cake - Asia


Base :

Filling :

Working Method:

Base :

  1. Mixing - Mix, with a whisk, all ingredients except oil during 7 minutes at high speed. Add the oil and mix 1 minute at medium speed & add a colorant of choice. Fill the chiffon mold with 400g.
  2. Baking - Bake at 190°C for 25 minutes.

Filling :

  1. Layers - Cut the base in two layers & fill the Chiffon Cake after baking with Topfil Kiwi.

Tegral Chiffon Cake

  • Cake mix with a delicate texture – which is light & aerated, offering a new sensorial experience with a fine vanilla taste
  • Convenience as it’s easy to prepare & it guarantees a constant quality of the final cake

Topfil Kiwi

  • RTU fruit filling with high fruit content
  • Taste & texture like fresh homemade preparations
  • Great convenience thanks to its bake & freeze/thaw stability
  • Versatile for any fresh & frozen patisserie and laminated pastry as well as chilled desserts

Market insights & consumer trends

Asia loves Chiffon Cakes. In fact, unlike any other cakes, it is eaten daily. It can be decorated with icings, candies & other decorations; and is often served with drinks such as coffee, tea, fruit drinks, & even sodas.

Shelf life: 2 days

RSP & Margin %: TBD locally

Freezable: Yes

Country guidance

  • You can replace Tegral Chiffon Cake locally by Tegral Sponge.
  • Based on the fruit filling you can adapt the color of the chiffon cake (for example Yellow chiffon cake with Topfil Mango).

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