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Cherry Beer Zeal

1 Oct 2019



  • Cherry beer - 500 g 
  • Cream 35% - 100 g 
  • Belcolade Origins Lait Vietnam 45 Cacao-Trace - 120 g 
  • Belcolade Origins Noir Vietnam 73 Cacao-Trace - 80 g

Working method

  • Boil the cherry beer, add the cream, pour onto the chocolates and mix to obtain a smooth texture. 
  • Serve at 80°C.

Serving tip

Serve in a cherry beer glass and top it off with cherry beer foam. Mix and whip 2 g albumin powder with 200 g cherry beer.

More serving tips

  • You can replace the cherry beer with alcohol-free beer.
  • Can be served both hot and cold with ice cubes