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Blue Lavander

8 Jul 2016


Summer holiday period is officially open. Offer your customers a nutty and crunchy bite along with the freshness of Lavender and Apricot.

This final application is made using 4 recipes:

  • Cocoa Shortcrust
  • Lavender Ganache
  • Apricot Marmelade
  • Pecannuts Crumble

Cocoa Shortcrust

  • 375 g of Puratos Tegral Patacroute
  • 15 g of Belcolade Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder, 22-24
  • 50 g PatisFrance Noisettes Brutes Rapées
  • 50 g of Icing Sugar
  • 1/2 pc of Orange Zest 
  • 225 g of Butter 
  • 5 g of Salt 
  • 80 g of Egg 


  1. Mix Puratos Tegral Patacroute, Belcolade Premium Dutch Cocoa Powder, PatisFrance Noisettes Brutes Rapées, icing sugar, salt, orange zest, eggs and butter together until you obtain a sandy texture. 
  2. Store in the fridge to obtain a firm texture.
  3. Roll out to 3 mm, cut with cutter and bake on reverse half sphere silicon mould of 4,5 cm. 
  4. Bake at 180 °C, during ± 15-20 min.

Lavender Ganache


  • 200 g of Puratos Festipak 
  • 50 g of Milk 
  • 4 g of Lavender 
  • 45 g of Invert Sugar 
  • 320 g of Belcolade Noir Supreme, E740/J 
  • 55 g of Butter (cutted in small pieces) 


  1. Bring Puratos Festipak and milk to 60 °C and infuse with lavender during 5 min. 
  2. Add the invert sugar and bring to 80 °C, then pour it onto the Belcolade Noir Supreme and blend with a hand mixer to smooth it. 
  3. When the ganache reaches a temperature of 35-38 °C, add the butter. 
  4. Homogenize with a hand mixer. 
  5. Pour into the baked shell and let it crystallize between 16-18 °C during minimum 2 hours.

Apricot Marmelade



  1. Pipe Puratos Topfil Apricot on top of the crystallized ganache.

Pecannuts Crumble


  • 150 g of PatisFrance Noix de Pécan Hachées (roasted and crushed)
  • 150 g of Brown Sugar 
  • 150 g of Flour 
  • 80 g of Butter 
  • 3 g of Salt 


  1. Mix all the ingredients together to obtain a sandy texture. 
  2. Bake at 170 °C during ± 12 min. 
  3. Let it cool down and sprinkle the PatisFrance Noix de Pécan Hachées crumble on top of the Puratos Topfil Apricot.