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Banana Rhum Chocolate Bar

19 Feb 2021


This recipe is part of the Belcolade Live Demo, a series of webinars during which our Belcolade Chocolate Experts do not only share a recipe from A to Z but also answer live questions from participants.  Click here to know more about the upcoming Belcolade Live Demos and how to register.


  1. Raw Almond Crumble
  2. Banana Compote
  3. Uganda 80 Organic, vanilla and rhum Ganache

1. Raw Almond Crumble


Mix the ingredients at slow speed with a flat beater to obtain a homogeneous composition.

Spread out on a tray with a thickness of 4 mm and shape into rectangles of 2.5 cm x 11 cm.

Bake between 2 Flaxipain sheets for about 20 minutes at 170 °C. Keep dry before using.  

2. Banana Compote


Mix the banana purée together with sugar, yellow pectin and lemon juice. Heat it up in a Thermomix to 106°C. Pour the mixture into a container, add the Rhum when the mixture temperature gets to 40°C and cover with a film. Leave to cool down to room temperature before using. 

3. Uganda 80 Organic Ganache


Make dry caramel with 120 gr of sugar. Deglaze the caramel with the hot cream previously infused with a vanilla stick. Sieve and adjust the weight to 495 grams by adding some fresh cream 35%.

Add Sorbitol and invert sugar and heat up to 85°C. Then pour this liquid on the crystallized Belcolade Origins Noir Uganda 80% Organic Cacao-Trace and Belcolade Selection Lait 34% Cacao-Trace chocolates. Mix gently with a spatula, taking care not to incorporate air. When the mixture is between 35 and 38°C, add rhum and butter. Finish mixing with a hand blender to reach perfect emulsion of the ganache.

Final Assembly


Mould "Chocolate World Ref: 1908" bar moulds with tempered Belcolade Selection Noir 65% Cacao-Trace and leave to crystallize. Pipe a layer of banana compote until halfway up. Add directly on the top a thin plate of crystallized Belcolade Selection Amber Cacao-Trace chocolate.

Pipe a layer of Belcolade Origins Noir Uganda 80% Organic Cacao-Trace ganache until it reaches the top of the mould, cover it with a plastic film and let it crystallize for at least 12 hours at 18°C before further processing.

In the end, remove the plastic film, make a slice of tempered Belcolade Selection Noir 65% Cacao-Trace and stick onto the rectangle of cooked crumble.

Unmold and coat the bars with Belcolade Selection Noir 65% Cacao-Trace.  Use a blower to create a visual effect.

Store the bars packaged at 17°C.