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A story about Panettone

11 Apr 2019


From a traditional Milanese Christmas bread to the symbol of Italy’s baked goods. How did Panettone  become one of the most famous Italian breads?

Panetonne's origin

Its origin goes back to 1495. During the luxurious Christmas banquet given by the Duke of Milan, the desert got burnt. A young cook, called Toni, came up with a rich brioche bread, filled with raisins and candied fruit. The Duke loved it, and so the tradition of ‘Pane di Toni’ was born.

Later, in 1821, Panettone became a symbol of liberty in Italy. Red candied cherries and green-coloured citrus replaced the raisins and fruit, creating the red, white and green Italian flag. A Christmas bread with an exceptional story, and - when made right - equally exceptional taste. 

The ‘Lievito Naturale’ makes the product authentic and brings to the Panettone a better flavour. It’s got all the characteristics of a product prepared at home or in an artisanal way.

  • Source : Sensobus Survey in Parma (Italy) April 2016

Sapore Madre

Sapore Madre was initially used by Italian bakers to make Panettone but is now used more broadly and will improve the taste and texture of all your rich bakery creations. Sapore Madre is based on a ‘Lievito Naturale’, a sourdough in the north of Italy. This sourdough has been refreshed every single day, over and over, since 1923. The fermentation process takes a full 36 hours. This sourdough is then dried, making it possible to conserve all the benefits of the traditional sourdough in powdered form.

Our flavours, your taste

At Puratos we have a wide range of Sapore, enabling you to create a variety of excellent products. By playing with dosages, blending different Sapore’s or by developing a whole new Sapore, you can make Sapore yours. That’s why we say; ‘our flavours, your taste’. Download the recipes to create your pre-dough and final dough Panettone. Visit our website or contact your local Puratos representative, to find out more about Sapore.