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‘His’ & ‘Hers’ Praline

8 Feb 2019

Real chocolate

Cinnamon caramel


  • 220 g  of brown cane sugar 
  • 60 g  of glucose 
  • 190 g  of cream 
  • 2 pc of Cinnamon stick

Working method

  1. Completely melt the cane sugar to obtain a shiny paste and add the glucose syrup. 
  2. Boil the cream and the cinnamon stick before gradually adding to the sugar. 
  3. Sieve and allow to cool down in the fridge. 



  • 520 g  of Cream (35% fat content) 
  • 1 pc of Vanilla stick  
  • 50 g of Glucose 
  • 420 g  of Belcolade Noir Collection Costa Rica 64 
  • 60 g of Belcolade Lait Collection Costa Rica 38 
  • 15 g of Butter 55 g Sorbitol 

Working method

  1. Boil the cream with the vanilla stick and add the glucose. 
  2. Add the sorbitol and sieve. 
  3. Pour directly onto the Noir and Lait Collection Costa Rica
  4. Mix well, and using a hand mixer make the filling smooth and homogenous. 
  5. When the ganache reaches 35°C, add the butter and mix again. 
  6. This ganache has to be at a temperature of 28°C before you fill up your pre-made chocolate shell/ mould.