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What would be a good beverage to serve with chocolate ?

Recent studies and tests have demonstrated that chocolate and wine combinations offer great possibilities; for example Belcolade Origins chocolates pair well with different varieties of wine. The higher the quality of the chocolate or the more specific its origin, the wider the choice of wine that would complement it. When making a pairing, accents such as elegance and mineral content are given consideration.

Just like with wine, where one Chardonnay differs from another, this is also true for chocolate. The aspect of region, or ‘terroir’, is also a factor for wines as well as for chocolate.

Belcolade has integrated the principles of FoodPairing. This is a method for identifying what foods and drinks go well together. It is based on the concept that foods combine well with one another when they share key flavour components. FoodPairing inspires food professionals as they look to enhance flavours in traditional recipes. By combining Belcolade Origins with a variety of other foods or drinks, they also seek to create new and exciting applications and drinks.