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What is organic chocolate ?

Chocolate can be labelled organic chocolate when the raw materials used to make it (cocoa, sugar, vanilla, soy, milk, vegetable fat) have been grown and produced in accordance with organic certification:

  • Agricultural products are grown without the use of fertilizers or chemicals, thus respecting the environment
  • Milk powder is made from milk that only comes from animals fed with organic food and treated with homeopathy
  • The processes used during our chocolate production follow certain requirements such as cleaning procedures and natural methods (no irradiation, no genetic manipulation).

Organic certification ensures that the chocolate respects the soils, environment and the health of farmers, animals and consumers.

There are two types of certification, which customers and chocolate lovers can find on chocolate products:

  • The European standard
  • The USA NOP USDA standard

Belcolade has organic chocolates in its range.