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Is Puratos chocolate sustainable ?

At Puratos, we believe that sustainability is a win-win relationship for everybody in the cocoa supply chain, from the farmers to the consumers. That is why we created Next Generation Cacao, as part of our long-term sustainable cocoa vision.

We believe responsible sourcing is a key part of ethical trading. We also believe it is at the heart of public awareness. Since Ethics is at the centre of Puratos’ core values, we have made a commitment to Ethical Trading as outlined in our Ethical Trading Charter (available on our website).

Our different chocolate factories have been producing sustainable chocolate for several years. We began with organic chocolate, as well as the commonly used sustainable certifications: UTZ, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance. In 2013, Puratos also launched its own sustainable programme and certification, Cacao-Trace.

In order to meet consumer market trends, the proportion of sustainable chocolate being produced and marketed is increasing year by year.