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Is palm oil an ingredient of chocolate or used to make chocolate ?

Palm kernel oil and palm oil and its derivatives, known as fractions, (solids for compounds, liquid for fillings) can be used in compound chocolate, as well as in cocoa and nut-based fillings. They are used for several reasons:

  • They provide a neutral taste and have good melting properties
  • The fractions which are solid at room temperature provide the right texture for compound chocolate, while the soft fractions are semi-solid to liquid, make them useful for chocolate fillings
  • The hard fats based on palm and palm kernel oil are useful when producing chocolates for warm countries, where cocoa butter would melt
    • In real chocolate, a maximum of 5% of cocoa butter-equivalent fats can be added; palm mid fraction is one of these fats
    • In compound chocolate, palm kernel-based fats offer the desired functionality
  • Ease of use: chocolate with palm kernel oil fractions does not need to be tempered before being used