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What's your cheesecake?

17 Oct 2017

Deli Cheesecake

Cheesecake, the Ultimate dessert!

Cheesecake is a trendy and popular patisserie product, growing all over the world as New York Style Cheesecake.

This all-time American classic is rapidly winning over the hearts (and taste buds) of consumers around the world. It can be found in multiple variants :

  • Extremely aerated
  • light or more dense
  • smooth or crumbly
  • with vanilla hint or lemon zest

There are in fact more types of cheesecake recipes than a  book can contain!

No matter how they are enjoyed, all cheesecakes deserve their baking and mixing methods to be correctly considered. Getting a good result with constant quality and no cracking depends on it.

Puratos Deli Cheesecake

As reliable partners in innovation, we aim to to help our customers deliver nutritious & tasty food to local communities around the world. 

We turn technologies and experiences from food cultures around the world into new opportunities to help customers be even more successful with their business.

We are indeed the first company able to provide a ready-to-use and bake cheesecake base.  

Based on a patented oven-setting , Deli Cheesecake delivers a good result with constant quality and no cracking. And as it is inspired by traditional baked cheesecake, Deli Cheesecake follows the recipe of the traditional and authentic New York Cheesecake, containing real cream cheese and eggs

What’s YOUR Cheesecake?

Deli Cheesecake is produced all over the world to meet local tastes and requirements.

At Puratos, we work together with you, our customers, every step of the way to offer consumers the best finished goods. You like the convenience of Deli Cheesecake but you would you like to differentiate? Be it extra cheese, less sugar or adding a particular flavor, we can help!

In fact, in order to better identify what your needs are, we have been working on understanding the sensorial characteristics of cheesecakes and developed a tool called “What’s YOUR Cheesecake?”.

During more than 1 year, a group of internal sensory judges who followed an intensive sensory training tasted and evaluated  kilos of cheesecake in order to:

  • understand & map the different most important parameters of (New York Style) cheesecake linked to appearance, taste and mouthfeel
  • list & clearly define the main descriptors
  • develop different tools such as a scorecard to clearly quantify the characteristics of each cheesecake

How do your customers like their cheesecake?
Do they prefer it smooth and creamy? Or denser and crumbly?
Together we can work on defining what’s YOUR cheesecake!