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Turkish Pitta

20 Aug 2015


The ready-to-use grains, infused in sourdough instead of being soaked in water, bring full-flavour and delicious taste to your bread. The moist in the Sapore is gradually released into the crumb, providing prolonged freshness!


  • 100% of wheat flour
  • 65% of water 
  • 1.5% of salt 
  • 4% of O-tentic 
  • 30% of Sapore Softgrain Multigrain

Working method

  • Mixing Spiral: 6 min. slow, 8 min. fast 
  • Dough Temperature: 27°C
  • Bulk fermentation: 45 min. 
  • Scale: 400 g 
  • Intermediate proof: 30 min. (in pre shaped form)
  • Make Up: Brush with Sunset Glaze diluted with 20% of water. Dock with your finger tips cross wise 
  • Final fermentation: 30 min. at room temperature or in the proof box at 28°C - 30°C / 75% RH
  • Decoration before baking: Sesame Seeds 
  • Oven temperature: 220°C 
  • Baking time: 18 - 20 min

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